About Critiki

Critiki is a reference resource for
the collecting, travelling or researching tikiphile,
with information on over 1,000 locations and over 10,000 images.

You can help in several ways:

Share your opinion on any of these locations you've visited, in the form of a rating.

When you add your rating on a scale of 1 to 10 on a variety of criteria, including drink quality, music, service, mood, tikiness — you'll help your fellow tikiphiles know whether a place is a must-see, classic-tikis-everywhere joint, or a tiki-stops-at-the-name, beer-and-karaoke dump.

Add your own photos to Critiki.

Each location in Critiki has a link to upload photos you've taken of the place, or of memorabilia in your own personal collection. It's fast and easy!

Let me know about locations you think belong in Critiki.

If you know of a location I'm missing, let me know about it! The minimum information I need is the name of the location and the city. With that to get me started, I'll go out there and dig up all the details.

About Humuhumu

I lived in Hawaii for a short but affecting time as a child, and that plus a love for themed environments and midcentury Americana led me to the wonderful world of Tiki and Polynesian Pop. My life, thankfully, hasn't been the same since.

I take my efforts to archive the current state and the history of these places quite seriously — it's a tall task, challenging and never-ending — but it is also a consuming passion, something that brings me no small amount of pleasure. Critiki is a not-for-profit project, a way to contribute back to the tikiphile community, and I hope that it is a useful resource for people.

I write news articles about the happenings in the world of Tiki, especially tiki establishments and the tiki lifestyle, at Critiki News. I do my part to keep immersive Polynesian Pop alive by throwing regular parties at my own home tiki bar, Balhi Ha'i.

I call San Francisco home, Los Angeles will always feel like a second home, and I'm originally from Seattle.

You can read more at my personal website.

Critiki is a free, not-for-profit website, created by Humuhumu.

You can contact Humuhumu at humuhumu@critiki.com.