Add Your Home Tiki Bar

Put your tiki home on the map

The world is full of incredible tiki bars, and some of the very best are hidden away in private homes. Critiki's aim is to be a record of all tiki locations, and that record would be incomplete without your bar.

By adding your home tiki bar to Critiki, you'll inspire others to think about what's possible in their own home—and you'll let other tiki lovers in your area know they're not alone!

No need to worry about random strangers in aloha shirts showing up on your doorstep. Each home tiki bar's map marker is set to a nearby public park before being published, to preserve your privacy and security.

Is your home bar a fit for Critiki?

It doesn't have to be great, but it does have to be tiki. Critiki is all about Polynesian-themed spaces, especially ones inspired by mid-century Polynesian pop. If your room isn't full of tikis, Hawaiiana, and/or nautical flotsam & jetsam, it may not be a fit.

It doesn't have to actually be a bar, though. Do you have a tiki bedroom or bathroom? Those are welcome, too.

Please only add your own home, not someone else's. If you have a friend whose home tiki bar belongs in Critiki, please tell them to submit it.

See a few of the home tiki bars already in Critiki

How adding your home tiki bar works

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  1. You'll fill out a form to give Humuhumu details about your home tiki bar.
  2. Humuhumu will create a listing for your home bar in Critiki.
  3. You'll get an email from Humuhumu with a link to your bar's listing.
  4. Add your pictures—listings are dreadfully dull until they have pictures!