About Humuhumu

Hello, my name is Humuhumu.
No connection to the fish.

I lived in Hawaii for a short but affecting time as a child, and that plus a love for themed environments and midcentury Americana led me to the wonderful world of Tiki and Polynesian Pop. My life, thankfully, hasn't been the same since.

I take my efforts to archive the current state and the history of these places quite seriously — it's a tall task, challenging and never-ending — but it is also a consuming passion, something that brings me no small amount of pleasure. Critiki is a not-for-profit project, a way to contribute back to the tikiphile community, and I hope that it is a useful resource for people.

I write news articles about the happenings in the world of Tiki, especially tiki establishments and the tiki lifestyle, at Critiki News. I do my part to keep immersive Polynesian Pop alive by throwing regular parties at my own home tiki bar, Balhi Ha'i.

I call San Francisco home, Los Angeles will always feel like a second home, and I'm originally from Seattle.

Questions, information, comments?
Contact me at humuhumu@critiki.com.
I love to hear from fellow lovers of Polynesian Pop!
Frances Langford's Outrigger, Jensen Beach
location added 3/17/17
Kokomo Tikibar & Room, Helsinki
location added 3/16/17
Malia Polynesian Room, Asbury Park
location added 3/6/17
Little Buddy Hideaway, Asbury Park
location added 3/5/17
The Reef Bar, Palm Springs
location added 3/4/17
Jillkoop on
Beyond the Reef, Brookfield
1/19/22 12:15AM
Ohmsford on
Lee's Hawaiian Islander, Lyndhurst
1/10/22 9:57AM
mikestoyka on
Kon-Tiki, Cleveland
1/7/22 1:14PM
TikiTK on
The Golden Tiki, Las Vegas
1/6/22 10:15PM
Tiki Biki on
Purple Orchid Exotic Tiki Lounge, El Segundo
1/6/22 11:58AM