Help for Tiki Business Owners

Do you own a Tiki business?
Here are a few special ways you can use Critiki:

Claim your business in Critiki

Send me an email ( telling me which business you own, and I'll grant you the ability to update your location's hours and website. You'll need to sign up for Critiki if you haven't already. If you'd like someone else on your crew to have this capability, that's fine, too!

Add photos of your place to Critiki

Location listings are always more compelling with great photos. Make sure your place is represented well by adding your own beauty shots. Just look for the "Add pics" link on your location's page.

Reach out for decor help

Don't know where to turn to get great lamps, pufferfish, tikis, bamboo? Looking to take your decor to the next level, and feeling overwhelmed? It's easier (and less expensive!) than you might think. I'll be so very happy to introduce you to experienced and talented craftspeople to make your visions of Polynesian Pop paradise real. Send me an email ( describing what you're looking for, and I'll send you a list of resources. You may also find the articles at Critiki News helpful.

Want your location added to Critiki?

I try to keep Critiki very focused on places that are true to the spirit of mid-century Polynesian pop culture. Places that only do periodic tiki nights, or are more generically tropical-themed, or have no actual tikis on site, tend not to be listed. If you think your business might be an appropriate listing for Critiki, send me an email ( with your business' details, and I'll work on adding you!

About to open a new tiki bar?

Are you far enough along that you've signed a lease on a space? Great, I'd love to hear about it! Send me an email ( with all of your details, including when you plan to open. In addition to adding a listing to Critiki once you're open, I may also do a write-up for Critiki News announcing your new place.

Critiki is a free, not-for-profit website, created by Humuhumu.

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