Aku Aku

Orlando, FL
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431 East Central Blvd.
Orlando, FL
Opened in 2014
Mon-Sat 4pm-2am
Sun 2pm-2am
(407) 839-0080

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Aku Aku



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Decor 7.7
Drink Quality 7.8
Drink Selection 7.8
Mood 7.1
Music 7
Service 8.1
Tikiness 7.6
Tilt 7
Vibe 7.3

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Humuhumu’s description

Aku Aku opened at the beginning of 2014 and is a sister property of the adjacent mid-century-themed Stardust Lounge (Aku Aku's name is a nod to the relationship between Las Vegas' Stardust Casino and its Aku Aku
Aku Aku
Las Vegas, NV
Bar & Restaurant
). The back wall of the space is one large shelving unit full of rectangular cubbies of varying dimensions, filled with little bits of Polynesian Pop decor. A large Moai overlooks the room from a corner. A small selection of classic tropical drinks are available, and a longish rum list has some nicer sipping rums (and a lot of unfortunate flavored rums).


MaxwellHouse has visited Aku Aku.
March 9, 2022, 7:07 AM
I travelled from NS to visit Aku Aku and it did not disappoint.

The bar was quiet as it was a Monday, which was good because it allowed me to interact with the bartenders, Chris and Pixie. Both were knowledgeable and very friendly - and made excellent Tiki cocktails.

The Tiger Fucker is a must-try. More than a gimmick, it is a complex and well-constructed cocktail that stands up to the classics. Don't be afraid of the jalapeño. It's there, but it won't knock you out.

I also tried the Mai Tai, Saturn and Swizzle My Nizzle, all of which were carefully made with house made fresh ingredients and were delicious. My only regret was that my ability to try more of the cocktails of the impressive menu was limited by time and my ability to hold my booze.

Tiki bars are few and far between in my part of Canada and the opportunity to visit and authentic one is always appreciated and enjoyed. The decor was great, although not as fully immersive as some of the more classic and traditional Tiki establishments. You feel like you're in a Tiki bar, not the hull of a pirate ship or a grass hut on a beach in colonial Tahiti - which is very cool.

The decor, combined with the music, gives the Aku Aku a 1950s surfer vibe - which is also very cool. There are many ways to approach Tiki and this is a pretty amazing one.

If you're in Orlando, this is the spot for authentic Tiki. Trader Sam's is fine, but choose Aku Aku if you want the real thing.
enchantedtikilounge has visited Aku Aku.
January 25, 2022, 7:49 PM
Horrible! Overly sweet drinks, music sucks, shitty service if you're not a regular, and did I mention the drinks... too sweet, no shake, not consistent and just bad! Too bad I wanted to like this place, but it's more of a surfer bar that has a tiki menu.
KevinCrossman has visited Aku Aku.
November 16, 2019, 2:43 PM
Best Mai Tai in Florida

Had a great visit on Sunday to Aku Aku. This was in the waning days of their original menu (pictured), though I saw a preview of the new menu launching today and it looks great and has even more cocktails. Good luck to the crew for what is expected to be a big event tonight.

When I came over on Sunday they had their Happy Hour menu going but I wanted to try my standard. I asked what rum is in the Mai Tai. Was told it is Clement blanc and Blackwell. So I asked for it just with the @blackwellrum, a dark Jamaican rum that I think is pretty tasty. In fact, this was a wonderful Mai Tai and for sure the best one so far in my trip.

Aku Aku is Tiki Bar number 49 for me this year and has a pleasant and relaxing vibe. Great exotica music and some wonderful art and decor. They have a strong rum collection, too.

Thanks to Eric and the team for a great time the other day. I will return to Aku Aku!
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