Bamboo Hut

San Francisco, CA
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479 Broadway
San Francisco, CA
Opened in 1999
Mon-Tue 7pm-2am
Wed-Fri 5pm-2am
Sat-Sun 7pm-2am
(415) 989-8555

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Bamboo Hut



by 47 people



Everyone You
Decor 7
Drink Quality 5.2
Drink Selection 5.5
Mood 5.6
Music 2
Service 6.7
Tikiness 6
Tilt 6
Vibe 3.3

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Humuhumu’s description

When Bamboo Hut opened in 1999, it was at the very front of the wave of modern bars inspired by the resurgence in interest in Polynesian Pop. It's more of a nightclub than a bar, with DJed '80s pop music setting the soundtrack, but it's full of spot-on details. There is lots of bamboo and thatch, pufferfish lamps and glass floats, and an outrigger canoe hung from the ceiling. The lighting is appropriately dim and moody. Drinks are served in tiki mugs and bowls, but are on the sickly-sweet side.
Near the entrance is a dramatic waterfall feature, topped by a massive tiki head. The tiki started life as a road sign for the Coral Reef Restaurant
Coral Reef
Sacramento, CA
Bar & Restaurant
in Sacramento, and the Bamboo Hut website says it dates from 1947.


KevinCrossman has visited Bamboo Hut.
September 3, 2017, 12:11 PM
We visited on a Saturday night and overall liked the experience. For sure this is not a "pure" tiki bar, with a large beer menu and a dive/sports bar vibe. Music was all over the place but a mix of rock, pop, and hip-hop.

My Mai Tai was made island-style, and my friends Painkiller came blended. So, again, not pure tiki. The drinks were pretty good though, and I did enjoy their coconut daiquiri.

The decor here is a mix of tiki, hawaiian, and "parrot head". The large tiki just inside the entrance is a great feature. Service was friendly and fast.

The funniest part of our experience was the two young ladies who for certain were dancers at one of the nearby strip clubs. They were talking to the bartender and then some other guy came up and tried to talk them up. It was a festive atmosphere inside. The music is a killer here, though. When "Enter Sandman" started playing, we knew it was time to leave.

Overall Bamboo Hut could be a fun place to spend some time with friends when in North Beach.
Atomic Tiki Punk
Atomic Tiki Punk has visited Bamboo Hut.
December 28, 2016, 2:25 PM
Visited here with friends around 2000, it was more on the cheesy side, but we had a great time, it was during the Swing scene period in San Francisco, the music was more Rockabilly, Swing, 80s etc.

It has a dive bar mood & nothing wrong with that, don't know what is like now.
Dr Allbright
Dr Allbright is a semi-regular at Bamboo Hut.
January 25, 2016, 3:36 PM
As far as tikiness goes, this place has a great look and vibe, and the drinks, although not nec, are alright, The drinks are pretty good albeit a little on the sweet side. They are also reasonably priced. so this place is great for a party with friends or whatnot. The bartenders are super friendly , as well. So if you don't mind being constantly in the middle of off - duty strip club employees, this place is cool.
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