Don the Beachcomber

Kailua-Kona, HI
Bar & Restaurant
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75-5852 Ali'i Drive
Kailua-Kona, HI
Opened in 2005
(808) 329-3111

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Don the Beachcomber



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Everyone You
Decor 7.7
Drink Quality 7.1
Drink Selection 7.7
Food Quality 8
Food Selection 7.7
Mood 7.7
Music 7.6
Service 7.2
Tikiness 7.5
Tilt 7.4
Vibe 7.1

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Humuhumu’s description

Don the Beachcomber is located within the Royal Kona Resort, where it opened in 2005. This location is not to be confused with the historic, long-gone Don the Beachcomber restaurants run by Donn Beach or his partner Sunny Sund, but rather was opened by someone who picked up the rights to the name. The bar and restaurant are open-air, overlooking the ocean, but sheltered by a large, round roof. The restaurant in particular is full of fantastic '70s-chic Tiki loveliness, thanks to architect George "Pete" Wimberly. A vibraphonist can sometimes be found playing in the bar as the sun sets over the ocean. Food is on the more upscale end of Kailua-Kona dining.


NWTiki is a semi-regular at Don the Beachcomber.
January 9, 2020, 11:32 PM
For Hawaiian ocean views, there is no better bar on the big island of Hawai'i than Don's Mai Tai Bar. That said, being that "mai tai" is in the name of the establishment, you'd expect them to be a little better than they truly are. That said, the bar does have some great live music every Thursday night by Hawaiian legends such as Henry Kapono and Brother Noland. When I was there, Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker was there and I bought a print and a tiki mug off of him. They are starting to do an annual tiki festival at Don's which might breathe some fresh inspiration into the old girl. I love visiting, even if the food and drinks are a little generic. It's still a good time. It is hard to find seating, however, and the staff isn't generally radiating the aloha spirit.
tropicsdiver has visited Don the Beachcomber.
June 16, 2019, 9:27 AM
This is the type of place you really WANT to like, but they really make it difficult. A tiki bar in paradise...what's not to like? Plenty. I've been on several occasions really hoping my prior experience was just an off night. Nope. The service is lackluster at best, the drink choices are just ok. Do yourself a favor and go next door to Huggos on the Rocks. Great vibe, great views, but go early to get a table for sunset!
Whaia-Muri has visited Don the Beachcomber.
June 4, 2019, 1:09 PM
Visited last year right after going to the Huntington Don's in California.

Like most people have said, it was just ok. The restaurant was pretty cool, but on the whole this place really misses the mark. Went to the bar right outside the restaurant. Drinks were well... I knew I was getting into.

But then...

I mentioned having just been to the Huntington Don's and the bartender dismissively told me they didn't know what they were doing. Ridiculous. That comment alone will keep me from returning...

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