Lee's Hawaiian Islander

Lyndhurst, NJ
Bar & Restaurant
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768 Stuyvesant Avenue
Lyndhurst, NJ
Opened in 1974
Mon-Thu noon-10pm
Fri-Sat noon-12:30am
Sun noon-10pm
(201) 939-3777
Flaming pu-pu platter

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Lee's Hawaiian Islander



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Decor 7.7
Drink Quality 6.7
Drink Selection 7.4
Food Quality 7.1
Food Selection 7.8
Mood 7.3
Music 8.4
Service 8.3
Tikiness 7.4
Tilt 7.6
Vibe 7.4

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Humuhumu’s description

Lee's Hawaiian Islander is a Chinese restaurant that opened in 1974. There are tiki masks mounted on rock-lined walls with a weeping water effect, an outrigger canoe hangs from the ceiling, and there is a special hut booth. An upper balcony holds more tables with bamboo framing. Drinks are served in mugs, and there is a flaming pu-pu platter. Mr. Lee can be found there often, happily playing host and greeting patrons.
There is another Lee's Hawaiian Islander
Lee's Hawaiian Islander
Clifton, NJ
Bar & Restaurant
location in Clifton, but it is currently closed due to a fire.


March 21, 2022, 7:11 AM
Had an incredible experience a few weeks back at Lee's Hawaiian Islander. I think the fact that the decor is dated adds to the fun and atmosphere, if you wanted a polished and shiny bar then you'd go to Carpaccio at the American Dream Mall. The staff were friendly and several other customers were in there when I went (about 1:30 on a Saturday). Had the Mai Tai and Zombie (both delicious, I'd say the Mai Tai was a little better) and my partner had a Scorpion Bowl & a Hurricane (the Scorpion was the better of the two). All drinks were well made, not super high quality liquors but still well balanced and just the right amount of bite for booze-forward drinks. The prices are a little on the higher side, but it's more than worth it. Mr. Lee was very kind.

Beaver, I think it's a little too late now but I'm thinking the Mai Tai and Scorpion Bowl are good bets, and the Pupu Platter for food.
March 5, 2022, 11:43 AM
Does anyone have good recommendations on what to order? Iím going tonightÖ pretty hung over and donít want to read the menus.
Ohmsford is a semi-regular at Lee's Hawaiian Islander.
January 10, 2022, 9:57 AM
We re-visited on Sunday 1/9/2022 after a long stay away. We were sadly disappointed in the food this time. We ordered a PuPu platter for 3 ($42.00) which was fine. Pepper steak w/mushrooms ($17.50) was a very small portion that couldn't even fill a pint, Roast Pork LoMein - tasted very bland and had a faint metallic taste, Roast Pork fried rice, nothing special, egg drop soup was good, table noodles were very stale and had to send back. Service was not pushy and rushing us out for a change, but the whole vibe was dull, especially because of all of the raised prices. Sadly, this will be my last visit as the food quality was poor and not worth the price, nor offset by the faded tiki decor.
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