Luau Larry's

Avalon, CA
Bar & Restaurant
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509 Crescent Ave
Avalon, CA
Opened in 1988
Daily 10am-1am
(310) 510-1919

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Luau Larry's



by 14 people



Everyone You
Decor 6.6
Drink Quality 5
Drink Selection 5.6
Food Quality 6.3
Food Selection 6.6
Mood 6.3
Music 4.4
Service 7.8
Tikiness 4.5
Tilt 6.2
Vibe 6

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Humuhumu’s description

Luau Larry's has been open since 1988, and has a strong party vibe. The bar is dark, has lauhala-covered walls and lots of bamboo, and a few neon signs advertising beers. There is a "cave room" booth that has artificial rock walls. The signature drink is the strong "Wiki Wacker," which comes with a palm frond hat. Other drinks on the menu are modern tropicals, tending toward the sweet and strong end. The food offerings are of the burger & sandwich sort, with some fresh seafood including oyster shooters.


Chris-Tiki has visited Luau Larry's.
October 9, 2018, 4:41 PM
For the closest thing to a tiki bar on the island, itís not a bad joint. The drinks are, ok, definitely not the best mai tai Iíve had, but not the worst. The decor had a fun vibe, and the do have one Ďhiddení table thatís pretty dark and fun. I was sad that they didnít have any tiki mugs to take home, but there is a pretty cool straw hat you get when you order the whiky whacker. If youíve never been, give it a shot, but I donít know if Iíll give it another go on my way back out...
vgriffindor has visited Luau Larry's.
June 5, 2018, 10:14 AM
Definitely felt that this is a pretty regular bar that serves Tiki drinks. The service was friendly, the food was tasty, and there were a few interesting drinks...but missing that Tiki magic.
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