Mission Tiki Drive-In

Montclair, CA
Themed Attraction & Movie Theater
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10798 Ramona Ave
Montclair, CA
Opened in 2005
(909) 627-3564

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Mission Tiki Drive-In



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Everyone You
Decor 7.6
Food Quality 5.1
Food Selection 7.3
Mood 7
Product Quality 7.2
Product Selection 7.5
Service 7.3
Tikiness 6.8
Tilt 7.2
Vibe 5.3

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Humuhumu’s description

Mission Tiki Drive-In was originally the Mission Drive-In, which opened in 1956. De Anza took it over and started work on turning it into a tiki drive-in in 2005. The tikification was primarily performed by carver and artist Tiki Diablo, and includes plenty of tikis and Polynesian-themed decor. Ticket booths have A-frame tops with thatch, and the refreshments area has plenty of large tikis and tiki masks, and bamboo-lined walls. Mission Tiki's logo tiki is holding a box of popcorn. In addition to the regular schedule of drive-in movies, Mission Tiki hosts special events similar to those that have proved popular at the the De Anza-owned (but non-tiki) Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta.


The tiki pinstriper
The tiki pinstriper has visited Mission Tiki Drive-In.
June 10, 2012, 6:36 PM
its a fun theater about as tiki as you can get with a drive in theater if you want to get the Diablo limited mug they have holding the popcorn be prepaired to pay a 150$ a mug thats way outta my price range and apperantly others to because they have ALOT left. 7$ for two movies so good deal there i brought my own food and drink but the food did look good. I will be returning i recommend a radio run on batteries to save you the trouble of killing your car battery.
King Moai
King Moai is a regular at Mission Tiki Drive-In, and is usually there Weekends.
April 4, 2012, 4:33 PM
I have only gone during the weekends when they have their swap meet. I have found some very cool vintage stuff there.
kenbo-jitsu has visited Mission Tiki Drive-In.
August 8, 2011, 10:37 PM
This is a great drive-in! At $7 for a double-feature of first-run movies how can you go wrong? If you just want to take a peek at the place, swap meets are held during the day four days a week. Downsides are you'll miss the tiki lighting effects and also the gift shop is only open at night. While there I was hoping to buy one of the cute mugs with the popcorn-holding tiki but could not. By the way, whoever came up with the popcorn-holding tiki is a genius. What a fun collision of primitive and contemporary.
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