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3113 Ross Ave
Dallas, TX
Opened in January 2017
(214) 263-2915

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Everyone You
Decor 7.5
Drink Quality 6.7
Drink Selection 7.2
Food Quality 8.1
Food Selection 7.3
Mood 6.4
Music 2.9
Service 8.2
Tikiness 6.8
Tilt 4.9
Vibe 5

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Humuhumu’s description

Pilikia is a tiki bar and nightclub in Dallas, the name means "trouble" in Hawaiian. It opened in late January 2017. They serve tiki drinks and shared bowl drinks, and have a small menu of food. The entrance is flanked by two tall tikis, with a large moai looking over. Inside, the decor is spare, with carved tiki stools, paper lantern lights, and some bamboo. There is an outdoor patio.


November 10, 2019, 9:00 AM
Google says permanently closed.
Prikli Pear
Prikli Pear has visited Pilikia.
August 17, 2018, 1:29 PM
Pilikia has lost its lease through a combination of city code violations and non-payment of rent. I doubt many tikiphiles will miss it, but DFW residents should be on the lookout for the inevitable auction--despite the terrible atmosphere, they'd invested in some nice decor.
KukePuluke has visited Pilikia.
June 25, 2018, 7:48 AM
Contrary to information on Critiki, and in general on line,
Pilikia is only open perhaps a maximum of 10 hours per week.
Wednesday 10 pm until 2 AM, Saturday (.. sometimes it might be open 8 PM ?! or...)10pm as it's been the last 2 weeks....until 2AM.
We got to the door last night (saturday) at 8PM.
We are budget conscious, and parked a block away, not wanting to deal with the expense and annoyance of valet parking.
As I pulled on the door handle, my partner called my attention to the paper sign on the door saying there was a private party and the place would be open at 10.
When I'd dialed the phone number for the place hours earlier to re-verify the hours of operation, there was no indication of anything except the Wed and Sat hours.

There we were at the doorway, in our Aloha shirts....not feeling any Aloha eminating from the forbidden space.

I just looked up the definition of Pilikia and now realize the perfection in the establishments name.

I'm glad there are new places opening in far flung corners of the world.....
And I acknowledge that starting a new business is full of challenges....
But I also acknowledge my own experience as a would be patron.
We travel all over the world and go to Tiki Bars wherever we are....but I think we won't bother trying to go to this place again.... we've wasted too much time and energy on it already.

Pilikia: trouble of any kind, great or small;
Problem, nuisance, bother, distress;
Adversity, accident, affliction, difficulty;
Inconvenience, perturbation, tragedy, lack......etc.
Did the proprietors want this place to fail?!

We are anxiously looking forward to visiting 4 Kahunas in nearby Arlington.
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