Sugar Cane

London, United Kingdom
Bar & Restaurant
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247 - 249 Lavender Hill
London, United Kingdom
Opened in 2007
Tue-Thu 5pm-12:30am
Fri-Sat 4pm-3am
Sun 5pm-12:30am
Closed Mon
0207 223 8866

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Sugar Cane



by 14 people



Everyone You
Decor 7.8
Drink Quality 7.5
Drink Selection 7.3
Food Quality 6.8
Food Selection 6.4
Mood 7.8
Music 5.1
Service 7.8
Tikiness 7.5
Tilt 7.6
Vibe 7

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Humuhumu’s description

New tiki bar in South London's Clapham Junction, with decor by Cheekytiki.


Tikichef has visited Sugar Cane.
August 6, 2022, 12:34 PM
I'm not sure why this place has a low rating. We found it to be a great neighborhood bar, welcoming and great drinks.The music was out of place but the decor was spot on.
tikitraveler has visited Sugar Cane.
August 7, 2018, 8:54 AM
Recently visited on a Sunday night. The place was DEAD. Sugar Cane's social media makes it look like hopping nightclub day in and day out. I found it quiet and chill.

Bartender was a young guy who made OK drinks but didn't know his tiki history ("Oh did you know it all started in Las Vegas?" he said). Can't beat their happy hour specials for drinks. Very nice for the price in London.

The night I went I was hoping for food, but they told me the kitchen wasn't open because of a lack of cooks or something.

The decor: very good for a small place. They put a lot of effort into it. Lots of cozy nooks, including an area that resembles a cave. I really liked the look the place. The entrance had a classic Poly main house facade, with tikis greeting you. If only the music matched the decor. They were just blasting a classic rock playlist. Too bad.

However, I did enjoy the place and it would be a good tiki spot to take a date or bring friends, especially during happy hour. A bit far out though in Lavender Hill.
SenorSwanky has visited Sugar Cane.
November 21, 2016, 2:55 PM
Great decor, done I believe by the same person that did Mahiki. Very much an after 9pm party bar. Nice menu, we did one of their platters with all the familiar items, quite tasty. The signature drinks we had where nice and well executed. Our Daiquiri/MaiTai usuals were also well executed but seemed light on rum. The bartenders seemed knowledgeable. You'll need to take a combination of Tube and Rail services to get here but don't let that dissuade you, it's all with reach of your zone 1-6 day pass. No need for extra train tickets.

Boilerplate London Tiki Bar Comment: (you'll see this on all my reviews from London so if you've read it once you can skip over it). All the tiki bars in London are very thinly tiki themed, under their skin they are all just after 9pm party bars. It should be noted that all our visits were before that, about 6pm. None of them played any music that came close to exotica, cocktail, surf.... They all had very vodka forward cocktail menus and even though there were recognizable drink names they were generally void of any rum. Our general process for cocktail evaluation is for us to try a couple of their signature drinks and then order a simple Havana Club Daiquiri and a MaiTai. None of the London menus had a traditional MaiTai or Daiquiri listed. There are probably exceptions to this rule but in general pubs are for boys and all other types of bars are for girls. The burlesque club and tiki bars we visited had pretty much exclusive customer base of women and "Hen Parties", just a drinking culture thing here in London I assume.

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