The Enchanted Tiki Room

Orlando, FL
Themed Attraction
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Walt Disney World
Orlando, FL
Opened in 1971

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The Enchanted Tiki Room



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Decor 9.7
Mood 9.6
Music 9.8
Service 9
Tikiness 9.9
Tilt 9.3
Vibe 8.8

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Humuhumu’s description

When the Enchanted Tiki Room opened at Walt Disney World in 1971, it was a duplicate of the original Enchanted Tiki Room
The Enchanted Tiki Room
Anaheim, CA
Themed Attraction
found at Disneyland.
In 1998 it was updated to be more "modern" with a show called "Under New Management". The new show featured the '90s-era Disney animated bird characters Iago and Zazu. The now loud, unsettling and money-focused show featured disco balls, flashing lights, and in place of the beloved water fountain, a shouting, angry tiki goddess named "Polynesia." However, even in this darkest hour, the building itself was still worth a visit, with classic Exotica tunes (such as Martin Denny) often heard playing in the lovely lanai area. The transporting paradise was not entirely lost.
Then, in January 2011, the Tiki gods had finally had enough. A fire struck the Enchanted Tiki Room, and the show room was damaged enough to shut it down. It was restored and reopened as a slightly edited version of the original Enchanted Tiki Room attraction in August 2011, and is now back to the grand, historic, relaxing escape we all love.


Johnnie Kontiki
Johnnie Kontiki has visited The Enchanted Tiki Room.
October 27, 2018, 6:51 PM
I've always loved the Tropical Serenade show. I recommend it because there's more room inside and the tiki vibe is explored more here than the original in California.
retrolandia has visited The Enchanted Tiki Room.
October 18, 2016, 2:04 AM
In theory, the Florida version of the Enchanted Tiki Room should have the same score as the California version. However, there are a couple of drawbacks.

One, the pre-show just isn't very good. And NO seating - really? Walt Disney World is huge, it's punishingly hot/humid outside...and there is NOWHERE to sit while you wait for the previous show to end. Big minus.

Two, the Florida tiki room was built on a MUCH larger scale than the original to handle crowds. It's just TOO big (I've been to WDW three times and never saw more than 10-15 other guests in the ETR at the same time as myself). The California version has the same intimate feel as the perfect tiki bar.

That said, the show is good, and at least they got rid of that ill-advised "update".
CWGross has visited The Enchanted Tiki Room.
January 21, 2016, 9:21 PM
Magic Kingdom's Enchanted Tiki Room is fine, like the one in Disneyland. But with the one in Disneyland being my first Enchanted Tiki Room (and the thing that actually turned me on to Tiki to begin with), I can't help but compare the two, with Magic Kingdom's coming out the lesser for it.

The initial act of the Tiki Room in Disneyland is getting a Dole Whip. At Magic Kingdom it was the Citrus Swirl (at least when we went in 2014... Now that they serve Dole Whips beside the Tiki Room instead, this may have changed). The Citrus Swirl itself is a great treat, but unlike Disneyland you barred from eating it inside. You have to scarf it down during the preshow.

That preshow is not a charming little lanai where Tiki gods recite rhymes. It's an amphitheatre directed to two birds whose story is cute and all, but not nearly as cool and fun as the Tiki gods. You then deposit your Citrus Swirl dish into the garbage and enter the Tiki Room itself...

Though has more floor space and seating, it feels smaller than the Disneyland one because of a lower roof. The show itself is almost the same, but its cut in a few odd places. For example, after singing about how we should all sing like the birdies sing, they don't give you the chance! The song cuts just before the sing-a-long portion!

It's still good... We still saw the show many times (doubling time between that and the Country Bear Jamboree), but it was just... less... than the original.
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