The Grass Skirt

San Diego, CA
Bar & Restaurant
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910 Grand Ave.
San Diego, CA
Opened in 2016
Mon-Sat 5pm-2am
Sun 11am-2am
(858) 412-5237

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The Grass Skirt



by 140 people



Everyone You
Decor 8.3
Drink Quality 8.2
Drink Selection 8
Food Quality 7.9
Food Selection 7.4
Mood 7.2
Music 5.9
Service 8.3
Tikiness 7.9
Tilt 7.5
Vibe 7.1

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Humuhumu’s description

The Grass Skirt opened in November 2016, in San Diego's Pacific Beach neighborhood. It is owned by the SDCM restaurant group. This speakeasy-style tiki bar is hidden behind a poke restaurant, Good Time Poke. There is a full menu of tropical cocktails, mostly their own creations, and a menu of seafood-centered dishes. Carved posts by local tiki legend Tiki Bosko support thatch over booths wrapping around a central fire pit, and backed by a grand mural of Diamond Head with a hula dancer. The bar is backed with orange tile and lava rock, and fronted by bamboo, lauhala and tapa cloth. One booth sits inside the mouth of a huge tiki head.


Phischy has visited The Grass Skirt.
July 14, 2019, 2:43 PM
Arrive early, later in the evening it's more of a club environment. I did enjoy the drinks and the decor.
tikigeek has visited The Grass Skirt.
June 24, 2019, 11:24 AM
We were told we couldn't sit at the bar due to the "rum club" meeting. We ended up sitting in sort of a narrow, side-patio type thing, but could see the bar the whole time. There were plenty of seats available. Alyssa, our server, was great, the sole saving grace of the experience. I mentioned my concern to the bar manager, but was totally brushed off and no apology was given. Drinks were competent. Not coming back.
Lady Kai
Lady Kai has visited The Grass Skirt.
November 2, 2018, 8:14 PM
Seriously, the bartenders here are not too nice. Sitting at the bar is usually a nice experience, but here, plain crummy. The drinks are like sugar and the decor is ok.
Perhaps Iíve been spoiled by the genuineness of the people at the other bars Iíve visited around here. False Idol, and also tonga hut and bootleggers tiki in Palm Springs. The saving grace were the other customers in the place.
Sorry it was blech - maybe an off night?
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