The Mauna Loa Lounge

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Opened in April 2010

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The Mauna Loa Lounge



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Decor 10
Drink Quality 10
Food Quality 10
Mood 10
Music 10
Service 10
Tikiness 10
Tilt 10
Vibe 10

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Humuhumu’s description

The Mauna Loa Lounge is the home tiki bar of John Trivisonno & Betty Ciccone in Montreal. It was created in April 2010. The bar's name was inspired by the RCA Living Stereo LP "Music of the Islands" by The Mauna Loa Islanders.
The bar is in their living room, which has floor-to-ceiling glass windows and several mature trees outside. Since a traditional, dark tiki bar wouldn't work in this space, the couple instead aimed for a blend of mid-century modern and tiki. The time of day or the season of the year can change the feel of the room, thanks to the large windows bringing the outdoors in.
The bar has several tikis, including one by California carver CC Rider, two rescued from the Kona Kai Motel in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, and a tiny tiki from Tahiti. The main bar itself is a 1960s era mid-century modern bar, likely Danish or Canadian. A second 1960s bar, by Danish designers Erik Buch & Paul Heltborg, is used for storage and display of some of their tiki mugs and other vintage barware. A third mid-century modern bar, Norwegian this time, is opened up at the other end of the living room for larger parties. A vintage 1960s/70s overhead light above the bar was originally in John's parent's basement bar. The barware and decor continue the mid-century modern and tiki theme.
The Mauna Loa Lounge is used for cocktails in the evening, regular gatherings with a group of friendly cocktail enthusiasts, and some larger gatherings.
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galtiki is a semi-regular at The Mauna Loa Lounge.
April 10, 2017, 11:42 AM
I admit I *may* be considered as slightly biased in my submitting my review, given that I consider both residents of this home bar friends and have had the great fortunate to visit on multiple occasions.
… However! that being said, I shall also say quite plainly that the passion and commitment of Betty and John, whom I consider to be the preeminent authority and expert on all things relating to local Tiki history, is plainly evident! While the bar does not overtake the room or beautifully decorated home, it does have a strong and confident presence! I enjoy and appreciate immensely the balance of aesthetics and tastes which John and Betty have achieved. I would say that it does not scream TIKI, but that nor does it need to. The elements are presented in a pleasing and congruent manner, punctuating the space like a Martin Denny bird cry or Uma Sumac high note. The pieces are beautiful, and the touches of both visible and layered authentic Tiki history are well curated selections (and, better yet, there are personal stories attached! I love the stories behind pieces!)
A warm and great atmosphere in comfortable surroundings — can't really ask for much more. As well, with John being a well-seasoned radio DJ and music aficionado, there is absolutely never a worry that the music played shall not be transportive, garnishing the experience with just the right gourmet maraschino cherry!

*additional tidbit:
Once upon I time, I did a VERY amateur photoshoot to showcase one of the dresses I own. I considered both the now defunct Jardin Tiki and The Mauna Loa Lounge as potential locations. I opted for The Mauna Loa Lounge, which John generously agreed to indulging me for which I've little regret.
(Okay, I am shy, and doing so at John and Betty's permitted me to feel little less self-conscious and awkward about the whole thing. As always, John was a great and generous host, offering me a relaxing drink and agreeing to play personal photographer for me for the afternoon.
The absolute only possible regret has more to do with my still sadness at the loss of the Jardin Tiki, and never having never indulged in taking more "fancy" photos there. This, though, speaks more to the hole in my heart left still rather tender.)
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