The Palms Motor Hotel

Portland, OR
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3801 N Interstate Ave
Portland, OR
Opened in 1954
(503) 287-5788

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The Palms Motor Hotel



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Everyone You
Decor 5.4
Product Quality 1.6
Service 3.5
Tikiness 2.1
Tilt 8.6
Vibe 1.9

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Humuhumu’s description

This seedy motor hotel has two great things going for it: an utterly fantastic neon sign, and proximity to The Alibi
The Alibi
Portland, OR
Bar & Restaurant
(it's right across the street). An overnight stay may not be for the faint-of-heart -- when I stayed there in May 2003, my door wouldn't latch properly, the curtains wouldn't close all the way, and the tub wouldn't drain. But the sign had a blue monkey on it!


Oidarnam has visited The Palms Motor Hotel.
May 25, 2018, 3:27 PM
The most redeeming feature of this budget motel is the cool neon sign, but even that had several light tubes out. Despite the mildewy shower curtain, slow draining shower tub, screwy coffee maker, frustrating TV setup, and nearly impassable king sized bed in such a small room--for a budget price--you can quickly escape on the MAX line that's basically in front of the place, or cross the I-5 pedestrian overpass across the street from the motel and arrive at the wonders of Mississippi Ave district within a few minutes stroll. Or head up Interstate Ave a couple blocks and get a drink at The Alibi tiki bar, like we did shortly after arriving. If you're not picky, this makes a nice, cheap "home base" while you explore Portland.
tiki kupcake
tiki kupcake has visited The Palms Motor Hotel.
June 9, 2009, 11:08 PM
Every time I see this sign it always makes me so happy. Maybe it's because I am either going to or leaving the Alibi.
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