The Tiki Terrace

Prospect Heights, IL
Bar, Floor Show & Restaurant
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1 South Wolf Road
Prospect Heights, IL
Opened in 2005
Closed in 2007
No longer in operation.

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The Tiki Terrace



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Humuhumu’s description

This was the original location for The Tiki Terrace; it closed in December 2007 and opened four months later in a new, improved location
The Tiki Terrace
Des Plaines, IL
Bar, Floor Show & Restaurant
in nearby Des Plaines.
This newer bar, restaurant and entertainment venue was the realization of a dream of the Zuziak family, whose A Custom Production supplies the Chicago area with Polynesian and tropical decor and props. Around 20 tikis were carved for the Tiki Terrace, other decor included rock formations and moai. The restaurant was divided into three dining rooms and a bar: Rapa Nui Row, The Ali'i, Kapa Nui Kove, and the Tiki Cocktail Bar. Cocktail waitresses doubled as hula entertainment, courtesy of a partnership with Gwen Kennedy of local luau organizer Barefoot Hawaiian.


February 14, 2009, 3:40 PM
Tiki Terrace moved to 1591 Lee St, Des Plaines, IL about over a year ago. This was my first visit to Tiki Terrace and I must say it was worth it! The decor was very Tiki, in other words, they knew they were a Tiki bar and acted as such. The place was also clean and had families dining for lunch. The drinks were good, the food was good and our hostess, Samantha, was very pleasant as well. We expect to return often!

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