Three Dots and a Dash

Chicago, IL
Bar & Restaurant
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435 N Clark St.
Chicago, IL
Opened in August 2013
Mon-Thu 5pm-2am
Fri 4pm-2am
Sat 4pm-3am
Sun 5pm-2am
21+ only
(312) 610-4220
Flaming pu-pu platter

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Three Dots and a Dash



by 239 people



Everyone You
Decor 8.9
Drink Quality 9.5
Drink Selection 9.4
Food Quality 8.4
Food Selection 7.6
Mood 8.2
Music 7.3
Service 9
Tikiness 8.3
Tilt 8.2
Vibe 7.8

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Humuhumu’s description

Three Dots and a Dash is the creation of star bartender Paul McGee, in partnership with Lettuce Entertain You, a Chicago area restaurant group. The bar is named for the classic Don the Beachcomber drink, itself a WWII call for victory using the Morse code for "V." The focus at Three Dots and a Dash is on cocktails, but it also delivers on the special Polynesian Pop details we've come to expect... most notably on the beautifully detailed souvenir mugs. There is a small menu of food, including a flaming Pu-Pu Platter.
In November 2014, Paul McGee left Three Dots and a Dash, and in January 2015 opened Lost Lake
Lost Lake
Chicago, IL


GeekyTiki is a regular at Three Dots and a Dash, and is usually there Fridays or Sundays usually.
May 10, 2019, 8:01 PM
The Bamboo Room at Three Dots and a Dash

This review applies specifically to the Bamboo Room at Three Dots. The Bamboo Room is a bar within a bar that Three Dots opened in the spring of 2018. It is in the area that was formerly used for large group reservations (immediately to your right upon entering Three Dots). Bamboo Room deserves its own review as it is a very different experience from the main Three Dots bar. For convenience, Bamboo Room offers a space for visiting bars, rum tastings, and other special events. Beyond that, though, Bamboo Room offers a tiki experience that is a step up from what you might have in the already fantastic Three Dots. Part of this is the ambiance; its not in the main room and, as such, you don't get the same crowding and loud music that people tend to dislike in the main bar area. Bamboo room is small, accommodating maybe 20-30 people between bar and tables, and as such you must make a reservation (reservations are made online through Tock and you pay $35 per person for the reservation; this fee is to deter people from skipping out on reservations and is applied to your bill at the end). This means that Bamboo Room isn't overcrowded and ensures more personal service from the bartenders. Kevin Beary, the, mastermind behind the drinks at Three Dots and Bamboo room, typically is behind the bar here, as is Scott who is equally talented. The drinks at Bamboo room highlight the myriad ways rum (and rhum) can be utilized in cocktails to create drastically different cocktails. There is a very noticeable difference between the Jet Pilot you order in Bamboo Room and the one you order in Three Dots, which is surprising considering that Three Dots itself offers some of the best tiki cocktails around. Most of the drinks on the Bamboo Room's classics menu are also available in the main bar and each tastes unique and improved from its Three Dots counterpart. I highly recommend the Bamboo Room's take on a Three Dots and a Dash, and also going off menu and ordering their phenomenal Navy Grog. Pro-tip; their daiquiri options are great, but the absolute best option is the Column Still rum with the pineapple ice as it tastes pretty much like a rummy Dole-Whip and who doesn't love that. If you're someone who enjoys sampling rare or high end rums, Bamboo Room has plenty of options and even offers a guided rum tasting as one of its reservation options. The decor is perfect, the drinks are fantastic, and the service is always friendly. its everything you could ask for from a modern tiki experience. If you're in Chicago for just one night, treat yourself to Bamboo Room. If you're here for two, try both Three Dots and Bamboo Room as they're completely different experiences and both are fantastic.
Tiki Jedi
Tiki Jedi has visited Three Dots and a Dash.
April 16, 2019, 9:14 AM
Visited during our trip to Chicago for Star Wars Celebration; we loved it so much, we went back the next night! We only had one appetizer, but it was good. The drinks were fantastic, and there was good variety. They have a limited selection of mugs on hand; they are expensive, but very high quality. Great experience overall!
Stacy has visited Three Dots and a Dash.
March 11, 2019, 10:45 PM
This place has earned its good reputation. We had solid standard and custom drinks, tastey appetizers and a friendly and generous bartender- who even gave us some bonus souvenirs! Lots of great mugs for collectors ( though they can run on the spendy side). Worth taking time off to go early on a weeknight to avoid crowds. Nice atmosphere but does draw some of the tech-bro types.
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