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Philadelphia, PA
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102 S 13th St
Philadelphia, PA
Opened in 2016
Daily 5pm-2am
(215) 309-3435

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Tiki Philly



by 12 people



Everyone You
Decor 4
Drink Quality 5.9
Drink Selection 5.6
Food Quality 6.7
Food Selection 5.5
Mood 4.3
Music 3.1
Service 7.8
Tikiness 4.2
Tilt 4.1
Vibe 4.2

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Humuhumu’s description

Tiki Philly opened in July 2016, near the Philadelphia City Hall. The decor is simple: an orange wall covered with brightly-painted inexpensive tiki masks, and a painted mural on the side. A short menu of tiki drinks is offered, a mix of traditionals and new creations, and there is a small selection of food.


UnreachableShelf has visited Tiki Philly.
March 23, 2018, 6:04 PM
Decent mai tai but rather heavy on the orgeat. I didn't get food. Loud, inappropriate music. Light tiki decor. The staff working the evening I was there was unaware that the owners had published a discount for attendees of the conference I was in town for, and it took a bit for the bartender to find a manager (who also had not been informed) to straighten things out, but once she was able to come down and check out the coupon she told me the first drink would be on the house.
timeinhell has visited Tiki Philly.
November 5, 2017, 12:18 PM
The decor was simple.it could seems sparse if you are used to the classic ultra tiki soaked decor (which I am) the drinks were not great, my zombie tasted like a grapefruit moonshine mess. The food was ok, summer rolls were adequate, chicken satay skewers a bit undercooked, pork belly buns were great. The service was great, the bartender seemed like being there was annoying him, but it was either a bartender trainee or a Busby was amazing. Friendly, helpful, chatty and really went out of his way to ensure we were having a great experience. The music had no connection to tiki at all, not even anything sprinkled in. The crowd was well behaved.
Riddick has visited Tiki Philly.
September 2, 2017, 4:05 PM
An okay place. The drinks are what hold me to a bar and the Mai Tai was just adequate. The orgeat was super thick - honestly it tasted like rock candy syrup. I know this because the first Mai Tai I got had a distinct coconut flavor. The bartender agreed it tasted off so he remade it and offered me an explanation in the way of a taste. He was a good guy and very friendly so I wasn't going to argue with him.

We also had a daquari that was also meh. They did coat the rim with toasted coconut, which was a nice touch.

They had pretty good bao buns and dumplings.
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