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Prague, Czech Republic
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Cimburkova 22
Prague, Czech Republic
Opened in 2006
Daily 7pm-5am
+420 607 832 600

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Tiki Taky



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Everyone You
Decor 8
Drink Quality 7.7
Drink Selection 7.9
Mood 7.7
Music 6.4
Service 8.8
Tikiness 8
Tilt 7.8
Vibe 7.6

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Humuhumu’s description

Tiki Taky opened as Taky Tiki in 2006; the name order was switched when the place underwent a dramatic upgrade in tiki decor in 2009.


April 5, 2019, 8:01 AM
Aloha- Thanks All for the feedback.
Especially regarding the music. Rap Music Russian or otherwise should not be the case.
Some brief points-
We are small and sometimes the crowd is frat boy or British larger lout tour- though this is not our vision so we try not to make that last too long or encourage it- but it can happen and there is not much we can do. Surely, It is not the normal or standard vibe. When we are empty we fill up with whoever comes- Hawaiian shirt and Tiki fan or not.
There is a fuss  because we are very nice and affordable Tiki bar with friendly staff by any European standard.. It would be nice to have access to all the Tiki supplies available in the US at US prices while keeping our prices low- but it is not easy- we struggle with this all time and are open to trading drinks for decorations/mugs/cool ingredients to any true Tiki aficionado travelling through.
We cost more than a typical beer and shots joints- but our prices are very competitive with any other cocktail bar in the Zizkov area (Prague 3)
We use the finest quality ingredients, but it can happen that a drink is not what you expected. We believe our staff is attentive to this -more so than the average Czech place and will always try and accommodate you if you let them know something is not right.
It would be nice to have proper feedback on drinks rather than vague generalities..E.g. The Bloody Mary was too… I did not like Zombie because it was…, etc. That way we can know what can be better.
Thanks for vesting, Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback, we are working always to improve things, and we look forward to you visiting us again soon.

Jason Adams
Founder of Tiki Taky
John Raccoon
John Raccoon has visited Tiki Taky.
October 28, 2018, 8:16 AM
The place is too popular for its size, hard to find a seat and therefor barstaff is selecting the spot for you to house maximum number of guests.

Barmen are fairly friendly and talkative (even though it's hard to hear over bar table, so not much conversation possible).

Drinks are not good, not bad, I'm not sure about their authenticity, I guess (in my own personal unprofessional opinion) cocktails may be little bit simplified to lower the cost and because needed ingredients are not as available in area as in USA.

The music ain't much tiki, sometimes some hawaiian melodies, but sometimes even something like russian rap due to selection of clients.

Decor is fine, not for my taste, but still tikish.

Overall the place is not bad, but not much comfortable for me. They have long way to go, but at least they are on right direction.
meirybomb has visited Tiki Taky.
August 9, 2018, 10:41 AM
Visited last summer (July 2017). Tiki Taky is a tiny, lively expat bar in the Zizkov neighborhood of Prague. Practically everyone there was a young english speaker, and despite the amazing decor, proper tiki mugs, etc. the crowd had more of a backpacking through Europe, frat boy vibe. Drinks were pretty good. More expensive than a typical cocktail in Prague, but reasonable by American standards. It's such a unique spot that it is definitely worth a visit for a tiki enthusiast in Prague.
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