Tiki Tim's Temple of Watubi

Gainesville, FL
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Gainesville, FL
Opened in July 2016

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Tiki Tim's Temple of Watubi



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Decor 10
Drink Quality 10
Food Quality 10
Mood 10
Music 10
Service 10
Tikiness 10
Tilt 10
Vibe 10

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Humuhumu’s description

Tiki Tim's Temple of Watubi is the home tiki bar of Tiki Tim in Gainesville, Florida. He created the bar in the backyard of his home in July 2016. The name is from the Gilligan's Island episode "Waiting for Watubi," in which the Skipper believes he is cursed by a tiki god. The inspiration for the bar comes from mid-century Polynesian restaurants, and from Tim's wife's grandfather's south seas Navy service experiences during WWII aboard the USS Claxton.
Tim built the small bar out of 20-year-old wood repurposed from the remains of his daughter's old playhouse, attached to an old particle board cabinet wrapped in reed fencing. He built replica shipping crates from some crates used for transporting things for his daughter's wedding, staining them, stenciling exotic locations on the sides, and adding travel destination stickers. Tiki bar signs were found at flea markets, and sand has been used between the pavers to contribute to the beachy feel.
The space is where the family recuperates at the end of the work week. It is an ongoing project, much of the work being done while enjoying exotic drinks and the sounds of Arthur Lyman. The next target is to tikify the tool shed.
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