Trader Vic's

Munich, Germany
Bar & Restaurant
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Promenadeplatz, 2-6
Munich, Germany
Opened in 1971
Daily 6pm-midnight

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Trader Vic's



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Everyone You
Decor 9.8
Drink Quality 8.8
Drink Selection 9.6
Food Quality 8.8
Food Selection 9
Mood 9.2
Music 8.8
Service 9.3
Tikiness 9.7
Tilt 9.1
Vibe 8.4

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Humuhumu’s description

The Munich Trader Vic's is located in the Hotel Bayerischer Hof. It opened in time for Munich's 1972 Olympic Games. It remains a great example of the golden days of Trader Vic's design.


John Raccoon
John Raccoon has visited Trader Vic's.
October 28, 2018, 12:48 PM
Trader Vic's in München is a great place, more than I expected. I had 9 of their classic drinks during 3 evenings and received my bills on A5 format pages which I will frame one day and put up proudly to hanging on the wall as a "certificates of experience".

The last thing I can do is to criticize Trader Vic's for their drinks, ofcourse they are right and good and therefor I skip this part of the comment.

Staff is international (mostly from different spots of Asia), is friendly and talkative. They showed me around, explained me about rums and techniques. They all seemed to be very nice people, not snobby at all, good warm feeling is to be there.

Ofcourse cocktails are more expensive, 12...16 euros per piece. But ofcourse, it's München, the most expensive part of it, there's Porsches, Lamborghinis, future models of Mercedeses and BMWs rolling in front of this ultra-expensive hotel where the Trader Vic's is located in surrounded by gold, silver and mirrors. Therefor it's not much good idea to go there for dinner if you ain't hypermillionaire as most of their clients. Yes, there's whole lotta rich people around and that's what I saw... "Rich" does not have to mean "intelligent". all. So... I just wish a lot of cold nerv for the good staff for heating up icey cocktails, for explaining daily guests that toilet is located same place as day before etc., etc.

Music is right, finally! Exotica, also lot of hawaiian-movie-Elvis, but last evening I also spotted a little bit of caribbean.

Decor... is simply perfect. Everything is in place, correctly, clean and straight. I'm not very pleased of nowadays trend of tikibars to make the place look like some hut which is covered with tiki-garbage (I've even seen a barbie-doll as a decoration in one of European tiki-bars), where pictures on the wall are wonky etc. But no! Not in Trader Vic's! It's like going back to the golden times to the days as it was opened in 1971, everything is and works exactly the same as it was meant in their very first decade.

By the way... If you happen to München, don't forget also to visit Pusser's bar nearby for a Painkiller!
rubychampagne has visited Trader Vic's.
August 23, 2018, 9:27 PM
I had arrived in Munich during Oktoberfest. The first thing I did was go to Trader Vic's. The drinks were delicious and the appetizers were tasty. Lovely tiki decor. I hope to return!
PeeWee has visited Trader Vic's.
October 1, 2017, 10:25 AM
Thank you Lena for the great drinks!!!

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