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John T. is a Montrealer, a writer/translator/editor, a broadcaster, a tikiphile, a mid-century modernist, an Expo 67 enthusiast…

John currently hosts a radio show (Thrifting for Tunes) on, showcasing an eclectic mix of exotica, 50s-60s-70s instrumental and vocal pop, euro-western and other real & imagined soundtracks, novelty tunes, audio art brut, and the occasional cocktail recipe… all of which is usually centred around a specific theme.

John has contributed scripts, features, and segments for CBC Radio and Sound Source Networks, provided artwork and photos for live recordings by Stan Ridgway, and produced and compiled the DVD Ridgway's Raw Feed Live.

John also founded The Montreal Tiki Appreciation Society, the Mai Tai newsletter (1998-2005), and the website As the authority on Polynesian Pop in the Great White North, the MTAS also contributed news and information about Montreal-area Tiki culture and such lesser-known subjects as New Jersey’s mid-century Tiki heritage to a number of other publications and the world at large.

John has written chapbooks that have garnered attention locally and abroad, including Dollar Days (a surreal account of his days as an ad copywriter), Mental Notes (a poignant/funny collection of anecdotes), and the Montreal underground classic The Official St. Leonard Dictionary (a dictionary of local Italian-Canadian slang); first published in 1994, the Dictionary continues to be a cult item and was nominated for an Expozine small press award.
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